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About Us

Who is Ravinder Sain?

He is enthusiastic health coach born on 3rd September 1981 having more than 10 years’ of experience in counseling patients and accesses the healthcare needs of every individual. He is expertize in evaluating the harmful effects of your current meal plan and works on it accordingly. Ravinder Sain does not recommend any chemically defined supplements which may result in the other harmful effects caused by those supplements and proteins shakes.

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  • Helpline +91 98884 75000
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Get Healthy

Reverse all the major diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, in fact cancer with the dosage of freshly prepared fruits and salads rich in fat and less in carb that are required as per your body needs. Our diet plan helps in eliminating special hungers and cravings produced due to the lack of sufficient proteins required for extending your life span.

Strategy & Analysis 88%
Eeconomic growth 95%
Achieves goals 70%


  • To add higher amounts of natural fatty meals to your diet that eventually replaces the amount of carb in your body.
  • To give the best healthy advice
  • To decrease the amount of early death rates by controlling diseases such as thyroid, BP, Diabetes etc.
  • To set up a healthy diet schedule as per your body needs
  • To change your lifestyle and eating habits

Our Certifications

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